The Tapxpress affiliate program can be an easy way to make money with your website or blog. Once you sign up, you will receive immediate approval, put Tapxpress affiliate API on your site, once a Tapxpress purchase is made through your link, you get the commission.

How our affiliate program works

The Tapxpress affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program. Bloggers and website owners advertise products from Tapxpress site on their site by creating links. They earn referral fees when customers click the link and buy products from Tapxpress.

How to become a Tapxpress affiliate

  • To become a Tapxpres network partner, you must have an active website or blog, its also important to upload useful and captivating content on the site to attract users and make sure to share relevant affiliate links with them.
  • Visit the Tapxpress affiliate homepage: you are expected to visit the affiliate homepage, join by clicking “join now”, then log in with an existing account or create a new one, this is free.
  • Build your profile: Sign in and follow the procedure to start building your affiliate account.
  • Create Tapxpress affiliate links: you will be sent to your Tapxpress affiliate homepage once you create your account.

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