Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any hidden charges on tapxpress?

No, there are no hidden charges.

Are all products on Tapxpress original and genuine?

Yes, Tapxpress feature only businesses that are standard and genuine. All vendors are properly accessed and at any point, any seller found to be selling fake products would be unlisted and sanctioned accordingly.

Can there be any negotiation on Tapxpress?

No, prices are not negotiable. You can simply check another store on Tapxpress.

Issues on warranty?

Please get in touch with customer service.


How do I place an order?

Step A
Visit Tapxpress online store and go through the various products and when the desired product pops up, click on the item and select ‘buy now’.
Step B
When you are done selecting the items, click on the cart and a new page showing all the selected items and quantity will appear. Ensure the accuracy of the items and quantities and click on sign out.
Step C
You will be directed to a new page to login or register as a new user. Then, fill the form that pops up.
Step D
Payments are received through debit cards, mobile banking or bank deposits; Choose a payment plan and proceed. If the payment is successful a new form will appear, simply click on save and continue.
Step E
You will be taken to a sign-out page for order confirmation after which an invoice will be obtained.
Step F
Congrats! Your order is ready. You will receive an email to this effect.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

An email, SMS or phone call will validate your order.

My payment was successful but I didn’t get any confirmation?

Please contact customer service on 0907-013-3000 or email proof of payment to for further assistance.

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact customer service within an hour or email within 30 minutes of placing this order.

What if my order arrived damaged?

Please ensure your order is not damaged before receiving it from the delivery personnel. In case of any other complications, contact customer service.

Why is my order delayed?

We do our best to deliver timely. If there is a delay, however, we will inform you proactively. Please always consult customer service if you are unsure.

How do I track my order?

Go to Tapxpress Order Tracking Page and enter your ORDER ID and BILLING EMAIL.


How do I pay on Tapxpress?

Tapxpress accepts instant card payments and internet banking.

What steps does Tapxpress take to prevent card fraud?

Fraud detection and prevention are very important to us. Thus, we take all steps to ensure genuine transactions.

What is card number, expiration date and CVV?

CVV is the 3 digits at the back of your debit card. The card number and expiration date are found in front of the debit card.

How do I know that my payment is successful?

It will be displayed on the automatically and an email will be sent.

What do I do when payment is unsuccessful?

Ensure you are logged in and try again. If this fails, please contact customer service.

My account has been debited more than once, what do I do?

Please confirm that these payments were made to Tapxpress. Contact customer service if this is the case.


How do I need to show any documents on the arrival of my product?

Yes, an identity card of any sort just to confirm your personal details.

Can someone receive my delivery on my behalf?

Yes. The person must have a valid identity card and the delivery man must have to communicate with the original owner of the order for proper confirmation.

What is card number, expiration date and CVV?

CVV is the 3 digits at the back of your debit card. The card number and expiration date are found in front of the debit card.

Can I pay on delivery?


What is the maximum delivery period?

24 hours. If it exceeds this period, kindly contact customer care.

Will I receive all the items in my order at the same time?

We’re Here to Help ! Contact us

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