Tapxpress is aware that you have concerns on how information about you is used and we appreciate your trust in us to handle them with care. Tapxpress has a lot of information about its customers, their names, addresses, phone numbers, payment information etc.

However, Tapxpress does not give personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without their consent and approval, our customer’s information is very confidential.

Tapxpress, however, shares personal information in cases of conflict or misunderstanding. We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide the services you have requested or for other important purposes. We collect your personal information to provide and improve our product and services.

Tapxpress works with the information you provide us concerning Tapxpress services. We also obtain information about you through our websites when your device accesses our services.

Tapxpress process your personal information to improve on the services we provide to our customers. The purpose for these includes:

  • To communicate with you: we use different communication medium to get in touch with our customers concerning Tapxpress services.
  • Advertising: we use your personal information to showcase products or features that might interest in.
  • Purchase and delivery of packages: your personal information helps us take orders, make deliveries, process payments and communicate with you about our products and services.
  • Fraud prevention: we process your personal information to enable us detect and prevent fraud to protect the security of our customers.

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