Returns are always part of the retail business. Purchases made on like purchases made elsewhere can surfer damages, sometimes, the wrong size of goods gets delivered or products could be nonfunctional when any of these happens, a refund is often the solution. Items purchased from may be returned new and unopened within a period from the day of delivery.

FAQs on refund policy


Buyer wants refund?

If a return is accepted, then a refund should be provided since it is already stated in the return policy.

Buyer wants a partial refund?

An item could arrive at the buyer damaged, it's always less expensive to provide a partial refund and let the customer keep the item. This can only be done if a partial refund is part of the return policy.

Buyer wants refund without returning item?

Explain to the buyer how the system works in a way that he or she will understand. The buyer must return the item to get a refund as stated in the return policy.


  • The return and refund policy should clearly state on its terms and conditions that any product delivered can only be returned in its original form, products that have been tampered with cannot be accepted.
  • It is important to check your package immediately to ensure you got what you requested for.
  • Ensure you do not discard the carton your product was packaged in so you can easily fix it back for returns if necessary.
  • Customers should bear in mind the number of days stated in the policy to return defective products.
  • Customers should specify the right size of items ordered, to avoid any form of dispute after delivery (clothes and shoes).
  • Sellers should deliver exactly what was displayed and have a proper check on their products to identify any form of defection.

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