Every Tapxpress.com user must follow Tapxpress policies. When you buy an item, especially from the online store, it is only natural to seek assurance or guarantee that you are making the right purchase. You need to be assured that what you buy will last or at least work as promised and of course for a reasonable period.

Warranty is a legally binding assurance which may or may not be in writing that a good or service is among other things fit for use as represented, free from defective material and workmanship, meet statutory and or other specifications. It describes the condition under and a period during which the producer will repair, replace, or compensate for the defective item without cost to the buyer or user.

Tapxpress.com sellers offer assurance or guarantee for satisfaction, returns, refunds and replacements. Buyers should also be aware that there are things which the seller cannot guarantee. It is also important to note that Tapxpress has a stipulated time frame for the return of defective products and cannot accept returns after the time frame has elapsed.

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